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Wobbler(12months–30 months old)
Wobbler (12months - 30 months old)

Wobblers, also known as our Floor Explorers and the Mommy and Me Class, exists for our youngest learners who are just not big enough for regular classes. It is for children between the ages of 12 and 30 months. At this stage in their development, we know that Mommies and other caregivers are the center of a baby's universe and our Mommy and Me course is designed to provide opportunities to enrich the mommy-baby bond during this special time of life. We also offer an introduction to socialization with other babies through group games, musical activities and physical play that encourages the development of baby's gross motor skills and sensory development! All of this offers very young learners the gentlest, most stimulating and confidence building introduction to the world of school.


In Our Mommy and Me classroom, you will typically see:

Physical games (walking, running, carrying, pulling and pushing)

Musical activities (singing, dancing and playing instruments)

Creative play (messy and sensory art projects)

Occasional special activities such as  cooking or gym/outdoor play time