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  • LSA Summer Camp 2018! 德意学堂2018夏令营开始招生啦!

    LSA Summer Camp 2018!德意学堂2018夏令营开始招生啦!

    We have 2 programs this year, so you can choose the right Summer activity for your child!

    Under 4 years program: “Read Around the World”4岁以下:“环球阅读”

    This is an educational and FUN program, taught in English, by our foreign teachers.

    It lets children take a journey in their classroom to other countries: USA, Japan, UK and Italy!

    Children will learn about the food, costume,festivals,landmarks,geography and philosophy of the countries.

    They will do a lot of exciting activities each week: Reading stories with teacher, cooking food, singing songs and dancing, playing games, art class every day, guided play, outdoor play, and alphabet/letter sounds games.

    Every two weeks, parents are invited to share in the fun of our classroom and see their child take part in a performance which celebrates the culture of the country studied. Such fun!

    Over 4 years program:Phonics, Reading, Writing or Math!4岁以上将细分为四大课程:自然拼读,阅读,写作,数学!(需通过测试,按程度进行分班)

    This program offers fun, and lets children develop a specific academic skill over the Summer. It is taught in English by our Foreign teachers.

    You can choose which academic skills you want to practice: Phonics, Reading, Writing or Math! We will provide more efficient and specific guidance according to the assessment.

    Every week there will be ten sessions focussing on the academic skill chosen; this means there is a high chance to ‘boost’ learning in this area! The classes will use a study book to structure their learning, and our teacher will guide them through it for fun and good understanding.

    The academic classes are sandwiched in between fun and exciting activity classes: Art every day, music, dance/sport and cooking! They will also focus on learning good manners in their morning meeting each day. What a pleasant way to spend each day!

    Every two weeks the teacher will provide a written report on their performance over the past 2 weeks, so you can track their development through the course.

    Welcome to our new campus

    All programs for this year’s Summer Camp will be held at the Jinqiao campus. To arrange a tour of this campus, please scan the QR code below. We would be happy to show you around.

    Which course is right for your child?哪个课程更适合您的孩子?

    Scan our QR code below or call us to speak to one of our helpful sales team. They will advise you on which course will best meet your family’s needs.


  • Summer Camp...BLASTOFF!

    We've had an amazing first session of Summer Camp! We hope you enjoy these pictures even half as much as we've enjoyed art, drama, stories, English, reading, playing, making friends and smiling together this week...


     Our children showed their teachers and parents what they learned from the first session.


    To enroll for session 2, 3 or 4, Please contact us for more information. We have three exciting programs to choose from:


    1. Art, Drama, Reading


    2. English Enhancement


    3. Readers are Leaders



    Looking forward to you joining us soon!







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  • LSA's 2017 Graduation

    Recently, we celebrated our 2017 graduation with our kindergarteners, poetry, songs, dances, drama... and some tears (of course)! Here's some moments from the special day...

    Just can't wait to start!


    We started with the Directors address from Miss Haley


    …and a Modern hip-hop dance performance… so cool!


    Our Parents address was a special moment… we will miss them and all of their support, too!


    We loved our colorful costumes for the English and Chinese dramas!


    And showcasing our confidence and skills… to the max!


    Now Theses students will go off to international, bilingual and local schools to continue their education:


    Best of luck, love and learning to Class of 2017! We will miss you SOOOO much!










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  • End-of-year BBQ!


    Our school year came to a close with an awesome party for the whole LSA community!

    We had soooo much fun, and hope you have fun looking at some of the wonderful pictures from the event... enjoy!


    There was lots of fun to be had with our balloon-making clowns!


    And we turned our faces into works of art with facepaint fun!


    There was more artistic enjoyment to be had crafting in the art studio!


    And many more chances to spend quality time with parents and teachers!


    And what would a BBQ party be without chance to play with friends?


    Not to mention snacks galore!


    Look!Tons of delicious food brought by our talented parents!

    Thanks to our whole community; we quite literally would not be what we are without you! Have a great Summer, whether in Shanghai or elsewhere… we look forward to getting back together for more fun come the new school year!











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  • Children's Day the LSA Way

    At LSA everyday is Children's Day, as their comfort, safety and learning is at the heart of all we do!


    To celebrate the special day this year our little learners took home an exciting gift package, and a Japanese-inspired “koinobori” or carp which was made by the children themselves. As you can see, they were very happy about it!


    The carp who swims upstream is a symbol of strength and perseverance as we try our best to make progress. This is a great metaphor for the children’s learning, growing and developing process.


    Our teaching team share their own thoughts here on childhood, completing the sentence “Children are…”

    “Children are more competent than you know… give them the opportunity to do things, and they will show you they can!” - Miss Haley, Director


    “Children are the best gifts ever!” - Miss Molly Y

    “Children are teachers of love.” - Miss Vickey L

    “Children are full of imagination” - Miss Flora

    “Children are our future” - Miss Tino

    “Children are gifts” - Miss Jenny

    “Children are great imitators” - Miss Viona

    “Children are so creative and inquisitive. They have a mind like a sponge and will soak up everything. They are also little shining beacons of everlasting hope bringing smiles and laughter to all!” - Mr. Dana

    “Children are spontaneous; enjoy it and learn from them!” - Mr. JP

    “Children are the beginning of the best life. They are my friends because they always care about me. They are leaders because they guide me to find new ways to see our lives. They are helpers in life because they always give their hand when I need help. We live together, experience life together.” - Miss Sarah

    “Children are amazing, care free, yet compassionate and kind” - Miss Bella

    “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” - Miss Anlia

    “Children are the reason to become the role model they need.” - Mr. Jack

    “Children are a poem” - Miss Vicky H

    “Children are not open flowers, we need to water them patiently, and be careful with them!” - Miss Diana

    “Children are the designers of our world in the future.” - Yoyo

    “Children are so excitable… like bout the gifts which they received on Children's Day, they looks like they are holding treasures!” -Miss Yudi


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  • MTA Fun Run

    We were so pleased last weekend to take part in the More Than Aware 5K Fun Run! Our teachers, parents and children all turned out in their pink and green to run together!


    This was an awesome day where our community got together to celebrate our commitment to health and wellbeing, and supporting each other. Parents and teachers were really great role models for kids, and it was a good opportunity to practice the wellness goals we learned in our MTA workshop a couple of weeks ago!


    Well done everyone!












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  • LSA Sports Day & Bazaar

    We were delighted to host our Annual Sports Day & Bazaar on such a beautiful, sunny day last Saturday!


    We had a blast playing ton of exciting games together with competitions and races galore!


    One of the most important parts of our events is bringing families together!


    Everyone enjoyed a whole~community dance party!


    Our award ceremony was a great way to celebrate each others' success!


    We are especially proud of the winners of our "Spirit of Giving Award". Annually, this trophy goes to the class whose sale table at the Bazaar raises most cash for our charities. Our team of Supermoms and dads worked so hard to make the Bazaar a success, showing their love for LSA and the charities we support!


    It was such a brilliant day we CAN'T WAIT for next year!










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  • QUIZ: Which Summer Camp program is right for YOU?

    At LSA we believe in choice! Every child is different and every family's needs are different! So, for Summer Camp this year we're offering you a world of choice, with 3 programs to choose from...


                          Take our quiz below to decide which one is right for YOU!




    The great news is you can mix and match! So at LSA, you really can have it all! Read on for more details about each program:

      Art, Drama and Reading Summer Camp:



    SmallGroup Study English Enhancement Camp (English Only)


    SmallGroup Study "Readers are Leaders" Camp (English Only)



    Please see below for the fees and session dates:



    You can mix’n’match the sessions of the Summer Camp, to build the most fun, educational and exciting Summer Camp in Shanghai!


                                                 Contact us for enrollment forms today.

                                                  Contact:021- 38602211









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  • LSA +3 MTA

    1. Tanja Smits

    Last week, Tanja Smits, a representative from More Than Aware(MTA), visited Little Scholar Academy(LSA) to teach the students about Proactive Prevention, Wellness from Within and Sisterhood Support and how the organization uses these concepts to support women in the prevention and recovery of breast cancer.


    2. Flowers 

    Tanja explained the difficult concept of cancer with the analogy of flowers and weeds.  Everyday our body makes healthy cells like beautiful flowers in a garden. Flowers need soil, water and sun to grow healthy.


    3. Weeds

    Sometimes cancer can start to grow, like unwanted weeds amongst the flowers, so we need to keep ourselves healthy!


    4. Healthy Steps 

    Tanja taught that if we make healthy choices everyday it’s going to be much easier if we get ill. She gave us 3 simple things we can do: exercise, drink water and care for one another by showing gratitude.

    5. Exercise 

    First, we should exercise(Proactive Prevention) because that makes our hearts, lungs and whole body stronger.  Exercise is like the soil a flower needs to grow tall. On May 13th, we all have the opportunity to exercise together at the MTA Family Fun Run. 


    6. Drink Water

    Second, we should make healthy choices like drinking water(Wellness from Within). Our bodies need water just like the flowers.  Soda is not good for flowers or for our bodies.  Drinking water is like cleaning the inside of our bodies!


    7. Love and Gratitude 

    Third, we should care for one another and show our gratitude(Sisterhood Support). When we care for another by showing love and gratitude we make each other feel warm, just like a flower getting sunshine.  Who can we think to say, ‘Thank youto?


    8. Featured Image 

    Thank you very much to Tanja for bringing MTA’s positive message. On May 13th, the entire LSA community of teachers, students, parents and staff will join the MTA Family Fun Run to take what we learned and put our support into action for this great cause!  If you have not registered yet visit:  We hope to see you all there!






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  • Bigger and Better Mommy & Me!

    This week we were so delighted to unveil our bigger and better Mommy and Me program!

    Our bright new space means more room to play...

     ...More room to explore our new toys...



    ...More space to run


    …and more space to climb and jump!


    The ball tub has been a real hit with our Little Ones!


    Cooperate with the school of "World Book Week Dress-Up Day" activities



    High Cleaning Standard 


    As has our Baby Book Club!


    And we had chance to exercise our creative muscles with painting and stamping during our Mini Art class with our teacher!


    We also had tons of fun exploring our messy play stations, and our tactile, sensory play area!


    With a weekly theme to structure the learning, the LSA Mommy & Me program is designed to stimulate little one’s body and imagination, with different sessions each day, covering:


    • Art

    • Music

    • Sensory play

    • Stories and reading

    • Physical activity 


    The program inspires a love of learning, a comfort with bilingual environments, and a very easy progression into the world of school, when the time is right to start attending preschool like a ‘big kid’!


    To give your child a head start on their learning journey, contact us to book a seat! Space is limited, so enquire today via 38602211!






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  • Valentine's & 100 Days

    We were so lucky that our annual 100 Days of School celebration coincided with Valentine's Day this year! So in addition to celebrating our 100 days of learning and laughing, we also celebrated 100 days of loving! What a special day...


    The toddler class had an exciting treasure hunt to find 100 colored hearts. Then they collaborated to fix these to a canvas heart they painted.


    They are displaying it proudly in their villa, as a reminder of their teamwork, shapes/color knowledge, and friendships!


     We also took some fun photos, exploring numeracy with our whole body!


    Our 3-4 year olds were busy having tons of fun:


    Decorating t-shirts with 100 fingerprints….         



    …And modeling them, too!


    Building a “Love Tree” with 100 sparkles…



    Crafting “secret admirer” Valentine’s cards with 100 dots of paint…



    Organising 100 memories from the school year so far into a beautiful Valentine’s Heart…


    …and creating 100 heart-shaped thumb-prints for a canvas artwork which celebrates our friendships! 


    Our 4-5 year olds celebrated in a host of creative ways: 


     “Writing” the numeral 100 with rose petals and our own bodies!



     Sewing some valentine hearts… 



     Thinking about what we will look like when we are 100 years old…


     Taking some cool Valentine-themed photos with hundreds of hearts…



    Challenging ourselves to write our name as many times as we can in 100 seconds… 



     Heart-shaped numeracy with our 100 charts…



     …and crafting 100 Roosters into a Valentine’s heart!


    Last but not least, our Kindy kids had a blast: 


     They took some commemorative photos…



     Made their own “100 things” t-Shirts to wear…


    Got crafty with 100s of hearts…


    And made some valentines with footprints to give to their loved ones!


    What a busy day, filled with joy. 







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  • LSA Lantern Festival in Pictures!

    We were so excited to round off  the Chinese New Year holiday with our celebration of Lantern Festival, full of traditional dances, dramas and poems!


    Setting the tone with our lantern-filled stage!


    Exploring Chinese culture through song, dance and costume!


    Showing famous folk tales and legend through drama.


    Traditional poetry recitals gave a scholarly touch!


    Performing alongside moms for a family feel to the show!


    Our English language learners gave an English-only perspective on the festival, too!


    Interspersed among the performances, we held our Annual Art Auction, which raises funds for a variety of good causes supported by LSA。


    We were able to raise a total of RMB110,105 in total from this year art acution  on the day and plus our WeChat pre-auction, which was up-and-running for 2 weeks prior to the actual live auction.


    Some of the artworks on display before sale.


    We would like to thank everyone for their support in making the day such a shining success - here’s to a wonderful Year of the Rooster, full of joy and giving!



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  • LSA winter camp

    With the shaft of time rolling , year of Rooster is coming. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, LSA sincerely wish you and your families have a happy new year, health and happy ! Meanwhile, let’s look back to review the special chinese traditional wintercamp in LSA.


    There is much knowledge available from the ancient times that we need to learn, and then understand. To promote and inherit Chinese culture, in the last two weeks of December, we enjoyed a special journey of exploration at LSA with kids.


    In two short weeks, our littles learned to appreciate traditional Chinese culture. Every single day we chanted poetry, painted pictures, told and acted out Chinese Classical Stories, learned to cook traditional food and played classical games with friends. It seemed like we time traveled to ancient china.


    Reciting poems was a required course everyday. Chinese culture is extensive and profound, especially the iambic verses of the Tang and Song. Teachers explained poems in simple sentences to let students know its meaning. Students come to know the rhythm of poem by chanting everyday.  Also, after listening to some poetry songs carefully chosen by our teachers, students appreciate charm of Chinese language.  We are surprised to see all of our kids, even the youngest ones, who were only 2 years old, can now chant some famous poems.

    In Chinese language class,we also learned two-part Chinese allegories and idiomatic story. During the class, the students practice language expression and performing ability!



    In art class,children followed teacher’s instruction and completed many beautiful works by using Chinese traditional art materials, like writing brushes, ink and scroll.  There are plums in the snow, auspicious carps, harvests board, ink pandas, daybreak roosters, a rattle-drum, masks and so on. All works are elaborately painted by little artists, expressing Chinese style! During these two weeks children got the chance to have access to Chinese art and enjoy it. Meanwhile, children impressed us with their achievements.





     In math class, we have used lots of Chinese elements to teach children some concepts and principles. Knowing the Chinese traditional background, they had fun in learning math.




    The most joyful program in wintercamp is science. There are a large number of inventions in the more than 5000 years long history in China. With the help of our teacherschildren discover the mystical science secrets on their own.   





    Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world. In cooking class during wintercamp, how could our littles not show their fantastic skills? Spring Festival is coming so dumplings are an essential dish on the dinner table of every family. Also spring rolls and Tang yuan are in our theme. After learning the original production methods of these delicious foodthey all tried to cook them and bring them back home to share with their parents.


    The benefit of good writing can last one's life.  During wintercamp our 4-6 years kids appreciated the charm of calligraphy. It seems like it's hard to learn, but our children practiced how to hold a writing brush correctly after being taught by our professional teacher. They managed to correctly write the Chinese character "fu" the first time they tried to write it. Big “fu” brings luck to our festival air. You will be very proud of your children  if they stick their art work on the family gate!



    At LSA we devote our work to building open and respectful communication between the school and our parents. Therefore, we encourage and welcome parents to take part in any one of our activities at our events. No matter when and where, parents are the most important partners of the school when it comes to teaching our children. We know that we cannot work well without our parents’ understanding and cooperation, which is why we arranged interactive homework in such a short two-week period. All the students finished their homework perfectly with the help of their parents! We arranged Family Fun Days for each Friday afternoon where the teachers and children showed their achievements from the whole week. The children led parents in tasting some Chinese food too. There certainly is lots of joy in teaching and learning!


    At the end, we got a very good reputation for wintercamp this year. The special exploring journey at the LSA Wintercamp left unforgettable memories for the families who joined us. Meanwhile, students realized the long Chinese history and appreciated the charm of Chinese culture. We're looking forward to seeing you next time!  









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  • LSA Winter Concert in Pictures

    The theme of this year’s Winter Concert was “Christmas Around the World”, with lots of bilingual drama shows, dances and songs to introduce different traditions for celebrating Christmas from a variety of countries.


    We kicked off proceedings with a wonderful opening speech from our bilingual hosts, Mr. Jack (Centaur class teacher) and a parent volunteer, the talented Tracy (Dragon class mom).

    Our first performance came from the Giant class (4-5) and Sprite class (2-3) who worked together to give us a story and hip-hop dance about Christmas in Ukraine. Here’s the story they told:

    In Ukraine, there was a poor family. As they went to sleep on Christmas Eve they cried about their poverty, lamenting their sad-looking Christmas tree, without any decorations at all! The spiders who lived in their house heard their sadness, and set to work spinning beautiful webs to decorate the poor family’s tree and house. When the family awoke on Christmas morning, they were amazed to see the transformation, and even more amazed to see that the webs were spun of pure gold and silver; they would never be poor again, thanks to the hardworking house spiders!

    Then our 3-4 year olds sprang into action to tell us all about Christmas in Australia. Here’s what we learned from them:

    In Australia, it’s far too hot for Santa, who is used to the colder climate of the North Pole! When Santa comes to Australia he spends time on the beach, and goes surfing! We saw a wonderful fake snowstorm on the ‘beach’!

    Because it’s too hot for Santa’s reindeer in Australia, he uses “6 White Boomers” (white, Australian Kangaroos) to pull his sleigh! This story is based on a famous Australian Christmas song of the same name!

    We also saw a very energetic dance showing the famous New Year fireworks displays in Sydney Harbour, since Sydney is the first major world city to ring in the New Year on January 1st each year.

    We hosted our termly “Teacher of the Term” awards at the concert, too - congratulations to our award-winning team. We celebrated their efforts with a song from the LSA teaching team, who showed their musical skills by giving a live music version of “Jingle Bell Rock”!

    Our staff is not the only talented bunch of people in our children’s lives, as we saw when we watched the parent performance, organized by the amazing LSA PTA and other talented parent volunteers!

    We also celebrated the winners of LSA’s first “Singing Competition” which we held in late November. Our talented child singers took to the stage to show off their vocal talents, joined by their supportive moms!

    Then our Phoenix and Centaur classes took to the stage to tell us all about Christmas in Norway! In chilly Norway it’s a snowy, white Christmas time, which we celebrated with a snowflake dance set to the music of Grieg (the most famous Norwegian classical composer!)

    They showed us the tradition of lighting a candle each day between December 24th and New Year!

    They also shared with us the tradition of  hiding a ‘Julebuk’ (Yool-er-bukk, which is a Christmas decoration shaped like a goat) in a neighbour’s house… what a funny little play!

    And finally acted out a traditional story about ‘Nisse', an elf that protects the home. In return for his protection, he requests a bowl of porridge with butter each Christmas, and if he doesn’t get it he will be very mad!

    Our last play came from the kindergarten class, who gave us an all-English version of “The Night Before Christmas”, which is the most famous Western Christmas poem-story, and tells the story of a magical visit by Santa! When sleeping on Christmas Eve, a child is awoken by the sound of Santa Claus climbing down the chimney with his sack full of toys! The child is amazed as Santa quietly delivers the gifts before disappearing back up the chimney and flying through the night! The performance featured a lot of props, multimedia elements, costumes and even a shadow-puppet theatre! It was a really impressive way to close the show!

    So all that’s left is for LSA to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year; happy holidays from all our staff!








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  • Top 3 things we learned at the LSA school fair

    We recently hosted our own school fair to assist our parents and students to make the transition from kindergarten to primary school.

    Here's our top 3 things we learned about making the transition smoothly.


    1. Start planning early 

    With the current population boom amongst under 8 year olds in Shanghai, primary schools seats are becoming more competitive. Moms with older kids who entered primary school a few years ago are surprised at how much the situation has changed these days! There is now a lot of planning and preparation involved in the Kindy to primary transition, so starting early and planning ahead is a great idea!

    2. Know which school is right for you

    At our school fair we heard from and saw a wide range of schools; international, bilingual, local private schools, local public schools and boarding schools. There are lots of types of school, and it can be confusing which one suits your family's needs most! Keep in mind pragmatic issues like passport/hukou restrictions, and whether your choice limits your child from applying for university within China when old enough. It can be surprising how decisions made when your child is so young can have far reaching consequences!

    3. Get to know the requirements 

    Each school has different requirements and assessment procedures for entering their school. Some require formal tests, others more informal interviews.


    Depending on the national curriculum used and whether the programme is international or local track, the requirements can vary quite a lot!

    The one thing in common that all the school's representatives told us is that children should be encouraged to express themselves confidently, and show exemplary manners. So do your research, but most importantly practice your 'pleases' and 'thank yous' every day, and encourage your child to talk to a range of adults. Build in everyday practice by encoraging your little one to say simple hellos to shopkeepers and other members of the public. This small and simple step could have a big impact!








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