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LSA Summer Camp 2018! 德意学堂2018夏令营开始招生啦!

LSA Summer Camp 2018!德意学堂2018夏令营开始招生啦!

We have 2 programs this year, so you can choose the right Summer activity for your child!

Under 4 years program: “Read Around the World”4岁以下:“环球阅读”

This is an educational and FUN program, taught in English, by our foreign teachers.

It lets children take a journey in their classroom to other countries: USA, Japan, UK and Italy!

Children will learn about the food, costume,festivals,landmarks,geography and philosophy of the countries.

They will do a lot of exciting activities each week: Reading stories with teacher, cooking food, singing songs and dancing, playing games, art class every day, guided play, outdoor play, and alphabet/letter sounds games.

Every two weeks, parents are invited to share in the fun of our classroom and see their child take part in a performance which celebrates the culture of the country studied. Such fun!

Over 4 years program:Phonics, Reading, Writing or Math!4岁以上将细分为四大课程:自然拼读,阅读,写作,数学!(需通过测试,按程度进行分班)

This program offers fun, and lets children develop a specific academic skill over the Summer. It is taught in English by our Foreign teachers.

You can choose which academic skills you want to practice: Phonics, Reading, Writing or Math! We will provide more efficient and specific guidance according to the assessment.

Every week there will be ten sessions focussing on the academic skill chosen; this means there is a high chance to ‘boost’ learning in this area! The classes will use a study book to structure their learning, and our teacher will guide them through it for fun and good understanding.

The academic classes are sandwiched in between fun and exciting activity classes: Art every day, music, dance/sport and cooking! They will also focus on learning good manners in their morning meeting each day. What a pleasant way to spend each day!

Every two weeks the teacher will provide a written report on their performance over the past 2 weeks, so you can track their development through the course.

Welcome to our new campus

All programs for this year’s Summer Camp will be held at the Jinqiao campus. To arrange a tour of this campus, please scan the QR code below. We would be happy to show you around.

Which course is right for your child?哪个课程更适合您的孩子?

Scan our QR code below or call us to speak to one of our helpful sales team. They will advise you on which course will best meet your family’s needs.