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Bigger and Better Mommy & Me!

This week we were so delighted to unveil our bigger and better Mommy and Me program!

Our bright new space means more room to play...

 ...More room to explore our new toys...



...More space to run


and more space to climb and jump!


The ball tub has been a real hit with our Little Ones!


Cooperate with the school of "World Book Week Dress-Up Day" activities



High Cleaning Standard 


As has our Baby Book Club!


And we had chance to exercise our creative muscles with painting and stamping during our Mini Art class with our teacher!


We also had tons of fun exploring our messy play stations, and our tactile, sensory play area!


With a weekly theme to structure the learning, the LSA Mommy & Me program is designed to stimulate little ones body and imagination, with different sessions each day, covering:


• Art

• Music

• Sensory play

• Stories and reading

• Physical activity 


The program inspires a love of learning, a comfort with bilingual environments, and a very easy progression into the world of school, when the time is right to start attending preschool like a big kid!


To give your child a head start on their learning journey, contact us to book a seat! Space is limited, so enquire today via 38602211!






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