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Valentine's & 100 Days

We were so lucky that our annual 100 Days of School celebration coincided with Valentine's Day this year! So in addition to celebrating our 100 days of learning and laughing, we also celebrated 100 days of loving! What a special day...


The toddler class had an exciting treasure hunt to find 100 colored hearts. Then they collaborated to fix these to a canvas heart they painted.


They are displaying it proudly in their villa, as a reminder of their teamwork, shapes/color knowledge, and friendships!


 We also took some fun photos, exploring numeracy with our whole body!


Our 3-4 year olds were busy having tons of fun:


Decorating t-shirts with 100 fingerprints¡­.         



¡­And modeling them, too!


Building a ¡°Love Tree¡± with 100 sparkles¡­



Crafting ¡°secret admirer¡± Valentine¡¯s cards with 100 dots of paint¡­



Organising 100 memories from the school year so far into a beautiful Valentine¡¯s Heart¡­


¡­and creating 100 heart-shaped thumb-prints for a canvas artwork which celebrates our friendships! 


Our 4-5 year olds celebrated in a host of creative ways: 


 ¡°Writing¡± the numeral 100 with rose petals and our own bodies!



 Sewing some valentine hearts¡­ 



 Thinking about what we will look like when we are 100 years old¡­


 Taking some cool Valentine-themed photos with hundreds of hearts¡­



Challenging ourselves to write our name as many times as we can in 100 seconds¡­ 



 Heart-shaped numeracy with our 100 charts¡­



 ¡­and crafting 100 Roosters into a Valentine¡¯s heart!


Last but not least, our Kindy kids had a blast: 


 They took some commemorative photos¡­



 Made their own ¡°100 things¡± t-Shirts to wear¡­


Got crafty with 100s of hearts¡­


And made some valentines with footprints to give to their loved ones!


What a busy day, filled with joy. 







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