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LSA Lantern Festival in Pictures!

We were so excited to round off  the Chinese New Year holiday with our celebration of Lantern Festival, full of traditional dances, dramas and poems!


Setting the tone with our lantern-filled stage!


Exploring Chinese culture through song, dance and costume!


Showing famous folk tales and legend through drama.


Traditional poetry recitals gave a scholarly touch!


Performing alongside moms for a family feel to the show!


Our English language learners gave an English-only perspective on the festival, too!


Interspersed among the performances, we held our Annual Art Auction, which raises funds for a variety of good causes supported by LSA


We were able to raise a total of RMB110,105 in total from this year art acution  on the day and plus our WeChat pre-auction, which was up-and-running for 2 weeks prior to the actual live auction.


Some of the artworks on display before sale.


We would like to thank everyone for their support in making the day such a shining success - heres to a wonderful Year of the Rooster, full of joy and giving!



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