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LSA Winter Concert in Pictures

The theme of this year’s Winter Concert was “Christmas Around the World”, with lots of bilingual drama shows, dances and songs to introduce different traditions for celebrating Christmas from a variety of countries.


We kicked off proceedings with a wonderful opening speech from our bilingual hosts, Mr. Jack (Centaur class teacher) and a parent volunteer, the talented Tracy (Dragon class mom).

Our first performance came from the Giant class (4-5) and Sprite class (2-3) who worked together to give us a story and hip-hop dance about Christmas in Ukraine. Here’s the story they told:

In Ukraine, there was a poor family. As they went to sleep on Christmas Eve they cried about their poverty, lamenting their sad-looking Christmas tree, without any decorations at all! The spiders who lived in their house heard their sadness, and set to work spinning beautiful webs to decorate the poor family’s tree and house. When the family awoke on Christmas morning, they were amazed to see the transformation, and even more amazed to see that the webs were spun of pure gold and silver; they would never be poor again, thanks to the hardworking house spiders!

Then our 3-4 year olds sprang into action to tell us all about Christmas in Australia. Here’s what we learned from them:

In Australia, it’s far too hot for Santa, who is used to the colder climate of the North Pole! When Santa comes to Australia he spends time on the beach, and goes surfing! We saw a wonderful fake snowstorm on the ‘beach’!

Because it’s too hot for Santa’s reindeer in Australia, he uses “6 White Boomers” (white, Australian Kangaroos) to pull his sleigh! This story is based on a famous Australian Christmas song of the same name!

We also saw a very energetic dance showing the famous New Year fireworks displays in Sydney Harbour, since Sydney is the first major world city to ring in the New Year on January 1st each year.

We hosted our termly “Teacher of the Term” awards at the concert, too - congratulations to our award-winning team. We celebrated their efforts with a song from the LSA teaching team, who showed their musical skills by giving a live music version of “Jingle Bell Rock”!

Our staff is not the only talented bunch of people in our children’s lives, as we saw when we watched the parent performance, organized by the amazing LSA PTA and other talented parent volunteers!

We also celebrated the winners of LSA’s first “Singing Competition” which we held in late November. Our talented child singers took to the stage to show off their vocal talents, joined by their supportive moms!

Then our Phoenix and Centaur classes took to the stage to tell us all about Christmas in Norway! In chilly Norway it’s a snowy, white Christmas time, which we celebrated with a snowflake dance set to the music of Grieg (the most famous Norwegian classical composer!)

They showed us the tradition of lighting a candle each day between December 24th and New Year!

They also shared with us the tradition of  hiding a ‘Julebuk’ (Yool-er-bukk, which is a Christmas decoration shaped like a goat) in a neighbour’s house… what a funny little play!

And finally acted out a traditional story about ‘Nisse', an elf that protects the home. In return for his protection, he requests a bowl of porridge with butter each Christmas, and if he doesn’t get it he will be very mad!

Our last play came from the kindergarten class, who gave us an all-English version of “The Night Before Christmas”, which is the most famous Western Christmas poem-story, and tells the story of a magical visit by Santa! When sleeping on Christmas Eve, a child is awoken by the sound of Santa Claus climbing down the chimney with his sack full of toys! The child is amazed as Santa quietly delivers the gifts before disappearing back up the chimney and flying through the night! The performance featured a lot of props, multimedia elements, costumes and even a shadow-puppet theatre! It was a really impressive way to close the show!

So all that’s left is for LSA to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year; happy holidays from all our staff!








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