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Hand Foot Mouth Disease
At LSA your child comes first. We are monitoring the students for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disesase since receiving reports that there are high instances in Shanghai at the moment.
At first your child may feel tired, get a sore throat, or have a fever of around 38C (101F)
Other symptoms include small, red spots on the hands, soles of feet, in the mouth and sometimes on the buttocks. In some cases a skin rash may appear before the blisters do. The blisters may break open and crust over. The sores and blisters usually go away in a week or two.
What do do if your child shows symptoms?
1. Visit the doctor for a diagnosis
2. Inform the school
3. Keep your child at home for one week, from the day of diagnosis.
We kindly ask that you please monitor your phones often so you do not miss any further ocmmunications from us on this issue over the coming days.