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  • LSA New Villas Grand Opening!

    Last week marked the grand opening of the new 2-3 Program Villas at Little Scholar Academy! The parents and staff were so excited to see the students explore this new space that was specifically designed with young children's needs in mind.

    Each villa has many exciting and multi-functional spaces that will accommodate a wide variety of activities appropriate for LSA's youngest learners. On the ground floor, there is a fully stocked art studio, filled from floor to ceiling with all sorts of interesting and unique materials for students to express themselves artistically and to use what they have learned through creative projects. As part of LSA's Reggio-Emilia-inspired philosophy, students are encouraged to use various creative materials in unique ways to demonstrate their learning.

    On the other side of the first floor is our Work Shop space, filled wall to wall with lots of every day objects for students to explore. In the Work Shop, students' imaginations can run wild! Here we have provided a space for costume play, a light table, building supplies, and other everyday objects that students can use to try out a number of roles. This space helps students understand how the world works in a fun and stress-free way.

    The second floor of the villas contains two multifunctional academic spaces - the Function Room and the Reading Rooms. The Function Room is specially designed to accommodate the daily Morning Circle and other large whole-group activities. Age-appropriate toys and other objects line the walls to provide resources for a wide variety of educational games. A large television is also provided in this room to show educational videos.

    The Reading Rooms are stocked with age-appropriate books for students to explore, and comfortable spaces for students to listen to stories. We have also provided tables and other surfaces for students to practice their developing pre-writing and fine motor skills. Each of the reading rooms has a special theme that creates a warm and peaceful environment.

    Our beautiful outdoor garden provides a safe place to explore and play. The outdoor garden can also serve as a learning space, and contains a covered patio, a wide open grass yard, and a wide variety of natural materials to play with. A wraparound ramp not only leads to a slide, but also to a second story platform which can also be used as a unique learning space. Our kids love to run and play in the garden!

    As part of LSA's commitment to safety, every detail of the 2-3 Villas has been checked and rechecked to ensure a safe learning environment. Surfaces and spaces in each room are child-proofed with child-safe gates and padding to minimize chances of bumps and accidents. We have also installed Blue Air filtration systems to ensure the air quality within our facility to be up to safety standards. Even our wraparound ramp to our outdoor patio has been designed especially for young children in mind, at a specific child-safe angle. The Villa space is also designed to accommodate small group learning, which keeps our student to teacher ratio at a very safe 4 to 1! 

    The LSA 2-3 Villas are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere, and staff works to use the space in a way that eases the transition from home life to the school setting. This "home away from home"is truly an exciting place for young children to grow and learn!

  • LSA Summer Camp in Full Swing!

    Summer camp is in full swing at LSA, with lots of great activities happening every day! Each week has a special theme which helps guide all of our lessons and activities in the classroom. Our first two weeks of summer camp included a Pirate theme where kids had a great time learning all about the pirate life and even painting their own parrots, going on treasure hunts, and building their English speaking skills. Parents got in on the fun on the first Family Fun Friday of the summer. Everyone worked together to design a large mural featuring a pirate ship on the high seas! Week two was all about robots! Kids had a blast learning the robot dance, playing robot-themed games to work on their English skills in phonics and handwriting, and built a Lego robot using math skills. Students were able to learn some new English vocabulary and had a lesson on recycling as they built their very own robots out of recycled materials with their families.

    Next we moved into Ocean week. Our little fishies built water-themed murals filled with their favorite ocean friends, sang songs that helped them learn about the food-chain, and built some special starfish. Parents were excited to join us for a family water fight! Everyone grabbed their squirt guns and loaded up on water balloons and had a blast getting each other as wet as possible. No one left the school dry that day!

    In Week 4, our classes took a camping trip inside of LSA! Students worked together to build tents for their classroom and used them as a special reading nook for the week! They made their own lanterns and picked up some new English skills so they could tell stories about their camping trips. Parents joined us to paint some campfires, play camping games, and listen to a story around the fire as they ate some gooey s'mores! Our kids are now wilderness ready!

    We just wrapped up a rowdy week in the Wild West! Our little cowboys and cowgirls got to design their own hats, vests, and boots and loved learning all about life in the west! They had fun wrangling Lego cattle in math class and learning new adjectives in their English lessons. Families came together to play some wild west games like panning for gold and cowboy ring toss and worked together to design their own buildings to make a Wild West box city for LSA!

    This week we will get royal as our princes and princesses explore our Castle theme, and we will have a super final week of camp as we learn all about Super Heroes! It has been a great summer at LSA!

  • LSA Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival!

    LSA had a day of fun activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in style! Our teachers decorated the school with traditional Chinese furniture and ornaments characteristic of the festival. And our kids all dressed up in traditional costumes. Look how cute they are!

    We started the event by interactive story-telling. Our kids were introduced to the story of Qu Yuan, the national hero who we honor annually on the festival. Then we learned about traditional Chinese literature and how Chinese people used to read and write in the ancient times. Our kids had a lot of fun practicing writing!

    Then we enjoyed some more hands-on activities. In the art room, we worked collaboratively on a beautiful painting of a dragon. The dragon is entirely made of our fingerprints! In the kitchen, we learned how to make zong zi, the traditional food Chinese people always eat on the festival. We also made scented bags. According to ancient Chinese tradition, these bags keep insects away and keep children healthy.

    What a fun day we had learning about traditional Chinese culture!

  • LSA celebrates the end of another amazing year!

    On Saturday, June 6th, LSA celebrated the commencement of its 2nd full academic year with a very meaningful Kindergarten Graduation ceremony, followed by an all-school family BBQ on our playground!

    LSA honored and said 'farewell' to our 9 kindergarteners during a graduation program which included Chinese & English song, dance, drama, and video footage of each of our special graduates. 4 of our graduates have been accepted at neighboring Ping He school, with the remaining 4 children headed to a selection of Shanghai's finest local primary schools.

    Immediately following the graduation ceremony LSA heated up the BBQ grill and hosted an all-school family barbecue lunch-complete with grilled hamburgers, the "fixings" and ice cream! Families celebrated the end of an amazing year together playing games, enjoying the beautiful day, making cookies and later relaxing to a summer showing of "Finding Nemo".

    The 2015-16 school year resumes this coming August 24th with enrolment at an all-time high of 140 students. LSA is very grateful for this year's success and growth!

  • LSA Learn about the Environment!


    At LSA we think that preschool education is so much more than ABCs. We really take the opportunity to connect our children to real-life issues and encourage them to have opinions, thoughts and interactions with the world as they see it. This week we made an effort to focus on connecting with our environment. We had a great opportunity to study some environmental science... in a super-fun way, of course!

    After some really interesting discussions about city wildlife and urban birds, the children used the fine motor skills they have learned in Miss Maggie's awesome cooking classes to spread peanut butter all over some used toilet roll tubes.

    Carefully, we rolled the tubes in a variety of seeds to coat the peanut butter. The seeds provided a lot of sensory stimulation, but also helped the students' understanding of categorisation; they could see that although the seeds were different in shape, colour and size, they are all 'seeds'. This is an important learning cognitively and linguistically!

    Lastly, we hung the finished bird feeders in our playground. There, they swing happily in the wind attracting all sorts of birds into our garden!


    To enrich a child's understanding of environmental activities like this, consider a discussion on recycling. For instance, we managed to get the children very interested and curious about the fact we were choosing to use used-up toilet roll tubes for this activity... why? Because we want to prevent waste of course, avoiding the necessity for potentially harmful waste-management systems such as landfill. Since sustainability will be an even more dominant issue in the future than it is now, it's important that we sow the 'seeds' of green thinking in the minds of our children today!

  • Spring Has Sprung!

    LSA staff and parents hosted our annual "Spring Has Sprung" all-school event on Saturday, April 25! Blue sky and warm summer temperatures were the final touches to a wonderful day!

    The event featured an outdoor bazaar with proceeds benefitting our sponsored girls in Guangxi province, a spring hat "fashion show" (each child¡¯s hat reflecting their unique personality!), as well as many art and craft activities for our LSA families.

    As is the goal for all of our LSA events this day was important for fostering a sense of community within our LSA family network. In addition, it was the school's hope that the parent-led bazaar would foster new friendships and appreciation amongst our parents. Both of these initiatives were very, very successful!

    LSA¡¯s next school-wide event is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th: the event will include graduation for our 5-6 year old students, with an all-school "Surf 'n Summer BBQ" to follow.

  • LSA Summer Camp!

    LSA Summer Camp offers a fantastic opportunity of creative learning for 2-8-year-olds during summer holiday. This year, we are particularly excited for summer camp, as we are offering our brand new small group intensive English study program, available for 7+! 

    Our summer camp offers half day or full day program. It features lots of fun activities with different themes every week, including art and crafts, English (literacy and storytime), LEGO math, science and problem-solving, cooking, gym and games, sensory fine-motor practice (great for pre-writers aged 2-4), music and dance, outdoor drama play. 

    On top of all this awesomeness, we also have our special Family Fun Fridays every week, where we invite the family to come and share our children's exciting journey of discovery! (Curriculum is optimized for full-day enrollment. Not all of the above activities (including some English classes) will be experienced in half-day program.)

    Summer Camp Details: 

    • For children 2-8 years old 

    • Duration, Jun. 29th-Aug. 14th, 2015/4/27 

    • Full day: 8:15am-3:15pm, Half day: 8:15am-12:15pm 

    • 2 weeks minimum enrollment 

    • Full day: 4400 RMB/2 weeks, Half day: 3300 RMB/2 weeks 

    • Small Group Full Day: 6000RMB/2 weeks 

    • We have school bus service, which will be charged additionally

    As excited as we are? We expect to sell out fast, so enroll today! Please find more information here or call 021-38602211 and reserve a visit at 1st Floor, 450 Hongfeng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai! Our regular school visit day is Tuesday Afternoon & Thursday Morning Every Week!

  • Hello to Yellow! LSA Birthday Party Fun

    They are little, they are mischievous and they are really, really cute! No, not the children! Minions, of course!

    Last week we said "Hello to yellow" as we hosted a wonderful minion-themed birthday party. We almost needed to wear sunglasses because everywhere we looked was bursting with bright yellow minion-themed fun!

    We had hand-made minion cupcakes, minion lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a minion cake as a table centrepiece, blue and yellow balloons everywhere, and best of all... a real-life visit from Kevin, the friendliest, funniest minion of all!

    We had the most fun in our art studio, though... There, we made some minion-themed crafts, so everyone had a unique yellow gift to take home! What a fun-packed day!

    Our birthday parties offer a totally customizable menu and activity package, run by our professional, detail-oriented team. They make the party stress-free for grown-ups, too, so everyone can have a great time together.

    Call our birthday party team on 021-38602211 to find out more, and see some of the other great themes we have.

  • LSA Field Trip!

    Whenever we mention the phrase "field trip" most people think about concepts such as: sunshine, flowers, grass, & sweet memories. For a child one of the most exciting things is when the teacher announces the class will have a field trip!

    On Wednesday, March 18th, despite a little rain, our 4-6 year old children, with the help of the teachers and many wonderful parents departed from the school, enjoyed the fresh air and walked to the Shanghai United Family Hospital.

    The field trip consisted of touring the hospital, watching the sights, listening to the sounds, and "practicing" being health professionals. The children allowed every cell in their body to soak in the vivid and interesting experience.

    At the hospital the children were given the opportunity to understand the working process of doctors and nurses by: designing their own handbook of health; learning how to check & measure height, body weight, body temperature; being introduced to the human skeleton (as well as Mickey Mouse and the little white rabbit's skeleton!); pretending to be little doctors by listening to the heartbeat of their friends with stethoscopes, using bandage, & checking each other; and much more.

    LSA's children also presented a piece of artwork they had made collaboratively to the hospital as a way to say "thank you" for the experience. This piece of art had no specific theme other than to express the children's JOY through unique design and color. After all, JOY is what field trips are all about!

  • Coins for Couleurs

    As part of LSA's commitment to service learning we have been involving our students and families in fundraising activities this year. Here, Miss Sydney writes about our latest project, "Coins for Couleurs": 

    One of the most amazing parts of life is turning something small into something worthwhile. The Coins for Couleurs fundraiser is based on this very idea.

    As part of the Couleurs de Chine initiative, the purpose of this fundraiser is to help raise funds in order to give young girls from smaller villages in China, the opportunity for an education. Often when asked to donate to these types of causes, people search their budgets for potential gifts and may not be able to afford enough to make a great impact. The purpose of this fundraiser is to use the small amounts that we often deem worthless and use to fund a larger gift, turning pebbles into mountains.

    The asking price for this fundraiser is only the spare change that is found in the bottoms of pockets, or stored away for an imaginative savings. Coins for Couleurs is a month long fundraiser that has the primary goal of collecting small coins (yi jiao, or wu jiao) and then cashing them in so that they can be sent to the Couleurs de Chine program.

    Our students were asked to bring in all of the spare change that they could find for one solid month. In the front of our school, we have each class with a running record of how much they have raised and a clear collection basket for them to put the coins into. Once a week, the leaders of the fundraiser bring the coins in to be counted and make a note of how much has been saved.

    Beginning February 25th and running through March 25th, this opportunity provides a great outlet for beginning the year with giving. Each year of schooling within the Couleurs de Chine program costs 800 RMB. Using such small coins, the original goal for this collection was planned to only raise 400 RMB within a month's time. However, within it's first week of running, Little Scholar Academy students collected over 2,000 RMB, this is enough for 2.5 complete years of school for the girls in the program! We have now adjusted our goal to 800 per class, giving us a school goal of 5,600 RMB by March 25th. This will be enough to support seven complete years of schooling for the Couleurs de Chine program.

  • LSA Book Week!

    You know that at LSA we love to read, read, read! One of our favourite authors is Dr. Seuss (whose imaginative books have been made into really popular movies such as The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax!) One of the reasons his books are so adored is that their silly rhymes provide great ways to develop phonological awareness and early reading skills in a fun and exciting way.

    To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2nd and World Book Day on March 5th, we had a week full of literacy-themed activities!

    Monday March 2: Book Character Dress-Up Day

    Children and teachers came to school dressed as their favourite characters from fiction. We saw a wide range of book characters, can you guess who they are?

    Tuesday March 3: Silly Sock-a-Thon

    After reading Dr. Seuss' "Fox in Socks", we wore our silliest, spotty, stripy and colorful socks! Some of us got really creative and wore socks that didn't match, tucking our pants' legs inside so we could really see the zany socks! Our whole-school photo of our "silly sock-a-thon" captures the fun of the day!

    Wednesday March 4: Find the Fish

    During our outdoor playtime, we held a treasure hunt for coloured fish from Dr. Seuss' book "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." We hung our fish on very long fishing lines, to create a large chart of all the fish we found, to see which group of fish was biggest - great for our math and problem-solving skills!

    Thursday March 5: Foot Painting

    To enrich our enjoyment of Dr. Seuss book, "The Foot Book," we created a large-scale painting together... using our feet! We danced and painted at the same time, having fun whilst working together to create this large artwork.

    We blobbed and poured bright paints (Jackson Pollock-style!) onto thick foam boards, and covered these in large sheets of sticky plastic. This gave us a giant 'bubble' full of paint to mix, spread, and feel between our toes! One of the students, Ezra from Unicorn class, told us "It feels like sand! Rainbow sand!"

    See our video for a sense of what fun was had from a child's point of view! Our children made this video themselves, shooting the footage by wearing a small camera on their heads! You can see their excitement, curiosity, friendliness and joy!

    Friday March 6: Movie Afternoon

    To draw our celebration of all things Dr. Seuss to an end, we had a movie afternoon, watching original cartoon versions of some of Dr. Seuss' most popular stories, with popcorn!

    In the kitchen this week, Miss Maggie joined in on the fun with Green Eggs and Ham cupcakes, and our amazing Art Team got busy making hats, inspired by the Cat in the Hat!

    We saw that this week really inspired excitement and a love of reading in our children. Research shows that reading has a significant impact on language development, spelling and writing, and is one of the greatest predictors of academic success in later life. So to bring books to life is one of the best ways we can learn... whilst having tons of fun!

  • LSA Loves China!

    LSA celebrated the 2015 Chinese New Year in grand fashion on Saturday Feb. 7th. The family event was held at the Ramada Hotel, Grand Ballroom in Jinqiao.

    LSA spent 2 weeks focusing on curriculum based on the ancient CNY holiday, learned traditional dance & song, and provided traditional Chinese costumes in an effort to provide our children with a rich cultural experience.

    The event included a traditional Chinese program with performances by all classes, ages 2-6 years, as well as outstanding performances by LSA teachers. Children¡¯s performances included: Dragon-Lion dance by the 2-3 yr. olds; Flower Drum Opera by the 4-5 yr olds; Tai Ji and Peking Opera Facial Mask piece by LSA¡¯s 4-6 yr olds.

    After the program families enjoyed dumplings, rice, fruit and other traditional Chinese dishes while participating in art, activities and games.The event was host to over 250 family & friends.

  • Cutest Lantern in Shanghai

    Our school is a bilingual and BICULTURAL environment. One of our favorite times of the year is when we are preparing for Chinese New Year, a major festival for us! 

    One of the things that our children really enjoy about the celebration is dressing up! Wearing their colorful, sparkly traditional outfits really helps all the children (from China or anywhere in the world) EXPERIENCE the festival! They feel so special and so happy to be dressed so wonderfully. Our hope is to give them joy and make them excited to be part of a wider cultural community. 

    To represent this idea, our hard-working teaching team has made this bright Spring Festival lantern artwork. Look closely - the lantern is made from sweet photographs of our treasured children, proudly showing off their traditional Chinese dress. It really is the cutest lantern in Shanghai!

  • Cuteness Attack-LSA Birthday Party!

    LSA was filled with fascination and laughter today! Our little fashionista had her dreams come true partying with Barbie, the queen of fashion dolls, and all her best friends on her birthday. 

    The party room was delicately decorated with soft satin and funky fuschia feathers, all complemented by stylish monochrome stripes! The detailed decorations even featured real Barbie dolls - dressed in their fanciest birthday gowns, of course! 

    Does your little one love fashion too? Love girl stuff? Love pink? Then LSA's Barbie party is the ideal way to celebrate her birthday! We also offer a variety of other themes, suitable for both boys and girls. Our amazing team makes the party stress-free and fun for grown-ups, too, so everyone can have a great time together.

  • Christmas Around the World!

    This December LSA celebrated the Christmas holiday in an appropriately international fashion! Our annual holiday event took place on Saturday, December 13 and was entitled: "LSA Christmas Around the World".

    Being true to the school's global mission & vision, this event gave LSA's students the opportunity to study and represent the Christmas traditions from 6 of the major western countries represented by our student body. France, Mexico, Germany, USA, Norway and the U.K.'s cultural Christmas traditions were beautifully represented through crafts, musical performances, holiday games and costume.

    Upon arriving at LSA, all children were issued a passport in which they placed their fingerprint for identification. Each passport contained information about each of the countries the children visited. During the children's time in each country they participated in activities, crafts and games which are favourites in that individual culture. Upon leaving the countries each passport was "stamped" to verify the children's time spent in that country.

    In addition to the 6 classroom activities there was also: Christmas cookie decorating in sunny South Africa, artistic Christmas ornaments created in the North Pole, and a grand "snowball" fight in Iceland (our LSA playground!)! 

    The highlight of the event was a musical performance done by each individual class; the "cuteness factor" was in full gear during these performances!!... 

    The event culminated with a children's art auction, led by an amazing group of LSA parents, which raised an impressive 21,005 RMB for our service learning partner "Couleurs de Chine" to provide education for students in the Guangxi province. 

    LSA's goal for this event was twofold: 

    • To allow our families to enjoy family time together, and community fellowship during the special holiday season 
    • To introduce our LSA children to the concept of "global perspective" (or, geography for the very young!) and to get them thinking about this very big world in which they live and will make an impact! 

    LSA's next all-school event is entitled "LSA Loves China!", scheduled for Friday, February 13th. The event will celebrate the Chinese New Year with a hint of the western celebration "Valentine's Day".

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