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Kindergarten(5–6years old)
Kindergarten (5 - 6 years old)

Our kindergarten program is designed to bring together some of the best practices from around the world. Our English Literacy curriculum is structured using the American Common Core Standards. This format combines phonics, writing, oral presentation, and reading comprehension to give students a well-rounded set of skills to begin reading, writing, and expressing themselves in English. By the end of their year in kindergarten, students will have a wide set of skills that will prepare them for any international school they attend in the future.


The math program for kindergarten students utilizes Singapore Math. This well-tested curriculum encourages students to approach math concepts from a variety of angles and to become aware of their thought processes as they engage with hands on math lessons. Singapore Math is taught completely in English and exposes students to valuable academic vocabulary.


The Chinese curriculum is based on standards set by the Chinese government. Throughout the year students will study Chinese characters and pinyin and will learn many words to expand their Chinese vocabulary. Local teachers also engage students in math lessons taught in Chinese in order to teach a variety of skills and concepts.