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Pre-K3(3–4years old)
Pre-K3 (3 - 4 years old)

In Pre-K3, we capitalise on our young learner's confidence, and aim to boost it further by continuing to provide a stimulating play-based approach to learning.


We take advantage of the child's natural 'explosion' in linguistic development at 3 years old by providing 'streamed' literacy study, tailored for those in need of ESL support, or those with an already-developed understanding of spoken English. All students enjoy phonics study (based on the UK National Curriculum) and develop their phonological awareness, which supports our bilingual program. Chinese study remains relaxed and fun, with some exploration of simple characters through story and games. Math (which is based on the University of Chicago's award-winning "Everyday Mathematics" program) is explored through the manipulation of toys and real-world objects, with an emphasis on understanding the logic of the world around them. Their exposure to art and creativity increases, as they begin to spend more time in our specialist art studio, and take on the enriching challenge of collaborative art, which inspires great teamwork. Their understanding of colour, shape, media and appreciation of the work of great and famous artists begins here with interest!


Our classrooms are open and light, allowing for children to pursue their daily curiosities in a stimulating way, guided and supported by their teachers.