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Toddler(2–3years old)
Toddler(2 - 3 years old)

During our Pre-K2 year, children are introduced to the world of school, with the hope that they will be confident here, and begin a lifelong love of learning!


There is a half-day and full-day program, during which children explore English and Chinese through stories, songs and games as part of our play-based program. We enjoy art class and music class together to develop our creative expression, social interactions and confidence. We have an innovative and unique Character Development curriculum,designed in-house, which encourages children to understand basic concepts such as kindness, gratitude, friendship and honesty. Our gym classes are designed to develop basic gross motor skills, such as moving around safely, carrying and pulling objects and teamwork.


The children enjoy a lot of time to pursue their own interests during the day, with guided free play. Our stimulating classroom layout allows the children to choose toys, books and stationery freely, so that they can feel comfortable and empowered to decide how they spend their day. The curriculum is based on the very strong Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which is part of the UK National Curriculum, and developed in-house by our Academic Director and teaching team to suit the particular needs of our international learners.