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  • Summer Camp...BLASTOFF!

    We've had an amazing first session of Summer Camp! We hope you enjoy these pictures even half as much as we've enjoyed art, drama, stories, English, reading, playing, making friends and smiling together this week...


     Our children showed their teachers and parents what they learned from the first session.


    To enroll for session 2, 3 or 4, Please contact us for more information. We have three exciting programs to choose from:


    1. Art, Drama, Reading


    2. English Enhancement


    3. Readers are Leaders



    Looking forward to you joining us soon!







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  • LSA's 2017 Graduation

    Recently, we celebrated our 2017 graduation with our kindergarteners, poetry, songs, dances, drama... and some tears (of course)! Here's some moments from the special day...

    Just can't wait to start!


    We started with the Directors address from Miss Haley


    …and a Modern hip-hop dance performance… so cool!


    Our Parents address was a special moment… we will miss them and all of their support, too!


    We loved our colorful costumes for the English and Chinese dramas!


    And showcasing our confidence and skills… to the max!


    Now Theses students will go off to international, bilingual and local schools to continue their education:


    Best of luck, love and learning to Class of 2017! We will miss you SOOOO much!










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  • End-of-year BBQ!


    Our school year came to a close with an awesome party for the whole LSA community!

    We had soooo much fun, and hope you have fun looking at some of the wonderful pictures from the event... enjoy!


    There was lots of fun to be had with our balloon-making clowns!


    And we turned our faces into works of art with facepaint fun!


    There was more artistic enjoyment to be had crafting in the art studio!


    And many more chances to spend quality time with parents and teachers!


    And what would a BBQ party be without chance to play with friends?


    Not to mention snacks galore!


    Look!Tons of delicious food brought by our talented parents!

    Thanks to our whole community; we quite literally would not be what we are without you! Have a great Summer, whether in Shanghai or elsewhere… we look forward to getting back together for more fun come the new school year!











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  • Children's Day the LSA Way

    At LSA everyday is Children's Day, as their comfort, safety and learning is at the heart of all we do!


    To celebrate the special day this year our little learners took home an exciting gift package, and a Japanese-inspired “koinobori” or carp which was made by the children themselves. As you can see, they were very happy about it!


    The carp who swims upstream is a symbol of strength and perseverance as we try our best to make progress. This is a great metaphor for the children’s learning, growing and developing process.


    Our teaching team share their own thoughts here on childhood, completing the sentence “Children are…”

    “Children are more competent than you know… give them the opportunity to do things, and they will show you they can!” - Miss Haley, Director


    “Children are the best gifts ever!” - Miss Molly Y

    “Children are teachers of love.” - Miss Vickey L

    “Children are full of imagination” - Miss Flora

    “Children are our future” - Miss Tino

    “Children are gifts” - Miss Jenny

    “Children are great imitators” - Miss Viona

    “Children are so creative and inquisitive. They have a mind like a sponge and will soak up everything. They are also little shining beacons of everlasting hope bringing smiles and laughter to all!” - Mr. Dana

    “Children are spontaneous; enjoy it and learn from them!” - Mr. JP

    “Children are the beginning of the best life. They are my friends because they always care about me. They are leaders because they guide me to find new ways to see our lives. They are helpers in life because they always give their hand when I need help. We live together, experience life together.” - Miss Sarah

    “Children are amazing, care free, yet compassionate and kind” - Miss Bella

    “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” - Miss Anlia

    “Children are the reason to become the role model they need.” - Mr. Jack

    “Children are a poem” - Miss Vicky H

    “Children are not open flowers, we need to water them patiently, and be careful with them!” - Miss Diana

    “Children are the designers of our world in the future.” - Yoyo

    “Children are so excitable… like bout the gifts which they received on Children's Day, they looks like they are holding treasures!” -Miss Yudi


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